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South Africa Constitution:

South Africa Judiciary:   Basic information about the judiciary and links to the Department of Justice, South Africa Law Commission, Human Rights Commission, Legal Resources Centre, Supreme Court of Appeal, Law Society of South Africa, Lawyers for Human Rights and South Africa Acts Online

South Africa Constitutional Court:  Descriptions of the court, list of justices, decisions, justices’ biographies  and contact information

South Africa Supreme Court of Appeal: History of the court, judgments, justices, justices’ curriculum vitae, contact information and links.

South Africa, Sunday Times:

South Africa, Mail and Guardian:

Commentary about the state of South Africa’s constitutional democracy by Peter de Vos, Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town:

Voice of America/TV:

U.S. Department of State:

Courting Justice distributor in the United States and Canada: Women Make Movies:

Courting Justice distributor outside the United States and Canada: Luna Films/Fireworxmedia



“Women of the Courts Symposium,” University of Toledo Law Review, vol. 36 #4, Summer 2005.

Articles by Ruth B. Cowan:

“Women’s Representation on the Courts in the Republic of South Africa,” University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class, vol 6 #2m 2006, 291-317.

“The Women’s Legal Centre during its first five years,” Acta Juridica 2005, 273-307 published under the auspices of the University of Cape Town Faculty of Law.

Arranging for Screenings of the film Courting Justice

Courting JusticeCourting Justice can be purchased as a DVD, downloaded or instantly viewed at (71 min film)

The film is also available in a shorter 54 minute version for purchase as a DVD from

- contact Ruth Cowan directly to request her availability to introduce Courting Justice and moderate post-screening discussions

outside US & Canada, contact Annette Fatti
telephone South Africa: 021 712 9456, mobile S A: 073 176 3079